Learning Art and Design in this day and age extends well beyond the traditional technical art skills that our parents and grandparents are familiar with. And this is why the fundamental value of creative thinking underpins the Art and Design curriculum at GIS. This precious skill of independently generating ideas, which at the same time are well-thought-out and pertinent solutions, is an invaluable skill for succeeding in the world we live in today.

Art at Garden International School

Our goal is to shape our students into resilient learners for a lifetime of creativity and independent artistic expression. We accomplish this by empowering students with advanced technical skills through visual literacy and exploration of diverse disciplines.

Testimony to our commitment and incredibly hard-working faculty staff, are the many compliments we have received in recent years from Art faculties of other schools – specifically on how we foster broad interests in both the mastery of skills and art processes as well as how we promote independence and autonomy in students’ personal projects with regards to developing context and subject matter.

All students will experience a diverse spectrum of practical art skills, both modern and traditional. However, it is the ability to apply rigorous independent thought when generating ideas and problem solving that we believe to be the number one skill central to our faculty and the key skill inculcated into our students.

The GIS Art faculty prides itself in the use of outstanding facilities offering state-of-the-art resources – the same that students will find in the creative industry later in their lives. Coincidentally, the number of students taking Art at exam level is very high and we are proud to report a comparative, overall high grades standard.

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