Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports


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Participation in sports can be an integral part of a student’s educational experience, and Garden International School attempts to provide extracurricular sports opportunities for all students who wish to participate.
Garden International School offers up to five levels of team sports: U9, U11, U13, U15, & U19 teams plus comprehensive all year age group opportunities in the gymnastics, swimming,  tennis and golf programmes.


Education based athletics is a student centred philosophical concept. Coaches, athletes and parents all work together here at GIS to place our students at the centre of all decisions made. The Competitive Sports Programme (Dragons) focuses on fostering the development of educational, lifelong values and leadership qualities. Winning is ‘not’ the only or ultimate outcome. Our Coaches, Athletes and Parents work together toward a common purpose in developing lifelong lessons as outlined in our dragon values. This is a collective sense of achievement. The benefits extend beyond the final score of any contest. Our Sports Department Culture at Garden International School is based on values. These provide the blueprint for growth and development.

GISKL Sports Academy

The GISKL Sports Academy is a sports programme ran for children of all ages and abilities at Garden International School. It is a sport for all programmes which aim to cater for the needs of all children through skill development and for social needs. The academy aims to both improve the ability of the children participating as well as providing a sporting service all year round rather than just the 3-4 month school sport season. It can also be used as a way of your children developing themselves to try and get into the Dragons sports teams if they are not quite in the team yet.


In the last year, the academy has grown from 580 children to 770 participating in 7-10 sports. The programme has seen age groups go from having 0 sessions in some sports to 1 or 2 sessions a week.


We have seen the introduction of a reception academy programme where the reception children can sign up for Swimming and Gymnastics. Reception sessions are run at both the EYC and the main GISKL Campus which will aid the children in the transition process as well.
Other notable improvements to the academy is the relationship we have developed with our high quality coaches. For example we now have a strong relationship with 1MCC and KL Tigers who provide us with 4+ highly qualified coaches to coach our rugby and football academy and our school competitive sports teams.

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