IGCSE and A Level Results 2019

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IGCSE and A Level Results 2019


Yet again, our students’ IGCSE and A Level results 2019 place us amongst the best British international schools in the world! Their fine performance is a true testament to our innovative learning culture, talented teaching faculty and dedicated students. 

Our IGCSE and A Level results are particularly impressive, given the large size of our student cohorts and the inclusive nature of our school. We accept students from a wide range of abilities and academic backgrounds, and yet consistently achieve some of the finest academic results in the world. 


A Level (Year 13)

In 2019 we had 83 A Level students graduate – one of the largest cohorts in Malaysia.  Our students achieved a 100% pass rate across 21 subjects, with an amazing 58% of grades at A/A*.  

Our consistently strong results at A Level, combined with our outstanding personalised GIS Diploma programme, ensure our graduates are in demand by the world’s top universities. Indeed, in 2019, you will find over 246 GIS graduates currently studying in 86 different universities worldwide including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, University College London,Wharton and Columbia.

AS Level (Year 12) 

At AS level, an incredible 82% of all grades were A-B* with with an overall pass rate of 99%. AS students are essentially half way through their A-Level qualifications, so these results are extremely promising.

*Please note that A* grades are not awarded at AS Level; these are only available in Year 13 at the completion of the A Level qualification. 

IGCSE (Year 11)

This year, we had 127 dedicated students sit exams across 28 subjects, with an amazing 69% of total grades at A/A*.

Outstanding Value-Added

Put simply, ‘value-added’ data shows the impact a school’s teaching and learning has on a child’s academic achievement. 

Across both IGCSE and A-Level, our Value-Added results were the best in a decade, and higher than many leading schools both in the UK and internationally. The data indicates that, on average, the GIS experience adds over half a grade to every child.

This reflects both the high calibre of our teaching faculty and the innovative learning culture that permeates all that we do at GIS, ensuring every student is given every opportunity to meet and exceed their potential. 

“Yet another hugely successful set of results this year – congratulations to all of our students! These results illustrate so many stories of hard work, diligence, passion, and a commitment to excellence from our students and teachers. 

Our value-added statistics this year are as good as we have had, and reflects the collective growth mindset and ‘can do’ attitude of our student body – notwithstanding the incredible amount of extra support our teachers give our students. Congratulations to our parent community too, for your support throughout your child’s year of learning.

To our Sixth Formers: we are looking forward to supporting you through your AS and A Level studies and seeing you flourish. To those who have recently graduated and left for undergraduate study, we wish you all the best at university and look forward to hearing of your future successes!”

Mr Corbett, Head of Secondary

2019 Key Academic Achievements 

  • 210 students sat IGCSE and A Level examinations
  • 58% of all grades at A-Level were A*/A
  • 69% of all grades at IGCSE were A*/A
  • 100% pass rate for A-level
  • Best Value-Added results (both IGCSE and A Levels ) in a decade;
  • One in three A-Level students achieved straight A*/A grades
  • Over one third of all grades at IGCSE were A*

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