4 Tips to consider when writing a scholarship application

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December 4, 2020
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4 Tips to consider when writing a scholarship application

Getting Ready to Submit a Scholarship Application?

Check out our Top Four Tips Before you Get Started

Whether you’re a student, or a parent supporting their child, our top tips will help to ensure the process of applying for a scholarship is straightforward and stress-free!


Tip 1: Get the Documents Right

What you will be required to submit will vary from school to school, so check carefully what you are required to collate. In most cases, you will need the following:

  • A letter of application (written by the applicant)
  • A testimonial from the current principal/head-teacher (outlining the student’s academic & co-curricular achievements);
  • Recent school reports;
  • Supporting documents, like photocopies of academic and/or music examination certificates, school awards and prizes;
  • Proof of your family’s income (for means-tested scholarships)


Tip 2: Write a Great Personal Statement or Supporting Letter
This needs to be written by the student applying- with years of experience, admissions teams really can tell how authentic a letter or personal statement is! Our advice is to follow any instructions clearly, structure it carefully and keep it concise. Make sure you backup everything you write with evidence and examples. Don’t just tell them you’re worthy of a scholarship; show them with all of your noteworthy achievements!


Tip 3: Do Your Research
Make sure you do your research carefully- not only in terms of what is required for the application itself, but about the institution more generally! Show the school what a great fit you’ll be and how much you’ll be able to offer by showing an understanding of their curriculum, extra-curricular clubs and other wider learning opportunities.


Tip 4: Check the Deadline!
Check the application deadline carefully and make sure you get your application in on time- it is very rare for schools to accept late applications!

Follow these steps for a successful, stress-free scholarship application process. Good luck!


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