All about Roomaan Leach’s passion for art | Garden International School Malaysia

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All about Roomaan Leach’s passion for art | Garden International School Malaysia

Garden International School blog surreal photography Roomaan Leach artworks

Garden International School blog surreal photography Roomaan Leach artworks

Year 12 student from Garden International School, Roomaan Leach has been commissioned to work on a series of three artworks for the school. In this article, she shares all about her passion for art and a glimpse of her learning journey in GIS.

Roomaan Leach has always been artistic. She enjoys art, particularly surreal photography.

“You can make the impossible possible with surreal photography. The more unrealistic a picture I create, the more satisfaction I get,” confessed Roomaan.

“The best surrealism artwork I have created thus far is a picture of my sister walking into a book. It creates a force of imagination. I want to show how one could get lost in a good book,” added the Year 12 student who is also an avid reader. Adventure and fantasy books are her favourite such as Harry Potter, The Alex Rider series and books authored by Enid Blyton which Roomaan describes as “truly timeless”.

Garden international school blog surreal photography Roomaan Leach_walking into a book

A picture of Roomaan’s sister walking into a book.


Garden international school blog surreal photography Roomaan Leach_past present future

“This is picture of me and my mom in the mirror. It was a part of my GCSE coursework entitles “past, present and future” and was basically a commentary on what a 16 year old girl would think of where she is as a grown woman,” says Roomaan.

Whilst many teens at her age would dream of a walk-in wardrobe, Roomaan has a walk-in library at her home.

“I love to read and collect books. There are hundreds of them sitting on the shelves. I love them too much to give them away.”

Prior to joining Garden International School in Year 9, Roomaan attended a public school in her home country, South Africa. She described the differences,

“I lived in a small town by the beach. Back then, I went horse-riding almost every week. I represented my province in equestrian competitions and came seventh. I used to play hockey too. Fast forward my life now in Malaysia, it’s interesting to see the multiculturalism and diversity of the community. Teachers and friends are open-minded and supportive of each other, and I learn a lot from them.

At GIS, Roomaan is exposed to a myriad of learning opportunities outside the classroom such as school trips, Thrive internship programme and co-curricular activities.

“Learning outside of the classroom, just as much as inside, is something I value a great deal; as Mark Twain once said “Don’t let schooling get in the way of your education”. This quote in particular has resonated with me because often times it’s really easy to get caught up in academics and miss some really important life lessons. Which is why I’m very happy that GIS has truly offered me a holistic learning experience so far both in an academic sense in life in general.”

“There was a photography trip to penang where we did light painting, strolled along the heritage streets taking photos and spent the whole weekend creating art. I truly enjoyed the experience. Art and photography give me a sense of peace,” she said.   

Roomaan is presently a student leader in the House strand and she is also involved in Reach Out CCA and Project Arts 360 CCA. She is also the KLMUN’s head of media this year.

When asked if she enjoys studying at GIS, she uttered “yes!” without a second of hesitation.

“The teachers here are great and their love for teaching is apparent. They are creative in delivering lessons too which makes them all the more enjoyable.”

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