Performing Arts at GIS: A Golden Opportunity to Shine

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Performing Arts at GIS: A Golden Opportunity to Shine

All-girls performing a local production of Hairspray

Here at GIS, we are proud of our reputation for staging high-quality, spectacular musical productions and for the amount of student involvement we have in our instrumental programmes. With a brilliant production of Hairspray! staged by our talented Secondary students in December, and the magical Alice in Wonderland coming up shortly, it’s a great time to discuss the value and benefits of the Performing Arts! In this post, we cover the numerous benefits of children getting involved in musicals and school productions and how you can encourage your child to get more involved.

Why should your child get involved in the performing Arts?

The Social & Emotional Benefits:


Musicals are fun! This is the core reason why our GIS teachers put so much energy and time into our productions: we love to see students having a great time.  Whilst rehearsals require high levels of focus and commitment from all involved, our teachers always ensure that everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves.

New Social Connections:

Getting involved in a production allow students to make new friends, enhance existing friendships and also be challenged by new social dynamics. It will give your child the chance to make friends from different year groups, too, and work with different teachers.

Building Confidence

Performing on a stage in front of others certainly requires confidence. For some children, this may seem nerve-wracking at first – but throughout the rehearsal process, they will undoubtedly gain confidence and build their skills at speaking in front of others.

Teamwork & Commitment

Being involved in a show means committing to it, from the very first audition, through the months of long rehearsals, to the final exciting performances. The cast and crew become incredibly tight-knit teams, that depend on each other for the show’s success. For children, these lessons about the importance of commitment, persistence and teamwork are extremely valuable ones.

A musical stage performance by students dressed up as characters

The Academic Benefits

Getting involved in the Performing Arts has an array of academic benefits too!

Cross-curricular links

Many musicals involve dance, which requires athleticism, rhythm and fitness;

Art & Design is certainly involved – just consider a show’s set, props and costumes; 

Music of course is integral to a musical performance. Children can sing on the stage, but may also choose to be involved in the choir or live band!

Literature is often integrated into productions: many musicals are based on works of literature, or adapted from them. By getting involved in one, students have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of Western literature and drama.

Technology: from the lighting design, to on-stage projections to evoke a scene or mood, to the microphones used by leading actors and actresses, technology is woven into every scene of a show!

English Language development

  • Getting involved in the Performing Arts is a fantastic way to build English language skills. In fact, we have seen many EAL students audition for our musical productions!
  • The process of auditioning requires students to learn lines, songs and dances that help with the acquisition of new vocabulary and provides the opportunity for students to speak/act in front of an auditioning panel.
  • In addition, joining performance groups, such as the choir in primary musicals, requires students to learn a repertoire of songs by memory, which enhances the acquisition of vocabulary and links new words/phrases to musical passages further enhancing memorisation.

Two kids performing Beauty and the Beast

Opportunity to Excel

Musicals and productions provide students who have a particular interest in singing, drama or dance with the opportunity to push their skills and shine on the stage.

  • Students who are having singing lessons can take their learning and apply it through interesting repertoire that challenges their skill-set.
  • Those who are keen dancers can shine in a production that explores a range of dance styles.
  • Budding actors can develop their understanding of theatrical styles through a format that often requires students to perform with specific timing and delivery dictated by musical accompaniment!

How can you encourage your child to get involved?

Some confident children will already be excited about the prospect of auditioning for a speaking part in next year’s school productions. For others, that might seem far too daunting. What’s important to remember as a parent is that it really isn’t the size of the part that matters: getting involved in the Performing Arts in any capacity will have a myriad of benefits for your child. So, even if your child doesn’t feel quite ready to take to the stage, there are a ton of other great ways our students can get involved in the performing arts at GIS!

All-girls performing a local production of Hairspray

Encourage your child to:

Join the large supporting choir that sings many show numbers and also takes various ensemble roles in the Primary musicals

Get involved in a props and/or set-building CCA group for either the Primary or Secondary show

Join the Secondary student marketing team that helps promote the Secondary productions to the community.

And remember: the Performing Arts isn’t just about being involved in a show. Your child could also learn an instrument or singing through our fantastic instrumental programme, join a Dance-related CCA or jump into one of our student choirs!

Every experience is beneficial, and will help your child’s confidence to flourish.


Come and see our talented GIS Primary students showcasing their talents, passion, and commitment to the Performing Arts in this year’s musical production: Alice in Wonderland! Running from 17-19 June, tickets are available from the GIS Primary Office and are selling out fast. See you there!

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