Coming Out On Top: Why The GIS Dragons Swim Programme Is Having The Last Splash
Coming Out On Top: Why The GIS Dragons Swim Programme Is Having The Last Splash
March 25, 2020
Find some peace of mind with our top five recommended apps to improve wellbeing
Find some peace of mind with our top five recommended apps to improve wellbeing
April 24, 2020
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Back in 2016 during her run for the USA’s top job, Hilary Clinton’s campaign centred on one message and one slogan “Stronger Together.” Clinton’s campaign united an idea and long-standing belief that we can achieve much greater progress when we come together than we ever will as individuals. While Mrs Clinton might have been top Trumped in her bid for Presidency, we believe her message and sentiment remains valid. We are smarter and stronger together.

Read on to find out why and how we’re empowering the GIS community to get together and reach out during the COVID-19 crisis:

We are currently facing the most challenging situation any of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes, but while this causes untold pressures and restrictions it has also opened the floodgates for a wave of reflection and re-connection. All over the world people are finding new innovative ways to come together; to share, collaborate and become a force for good.

New conversations, ideas and hopes for the future are shooting up in all cracks and corners, and it feels like there is renewed momentum to rethink 21st Century issues such as climate change, global poverty, the role of government and the power we behold as a community. We have also seen some wonderful acts of kindness, generosity and camaraderie across communities throughout the world.

With community spirit at an all time high, we decided that we needed to give the GIS community the platform you deserve; a platform for our families to connect, ask questions, share tips, find new ideas – but most of all feel supported. Introducing…

SmarterStrongerTogether, our community inspired response and space to come together. SmarterStrongerTogether is a tribute to you, our parents, providing a place to feel inspired, lifted and encouraged.

Initially, set-up to serve the GIS community, we are quickly starting to see the potential and value this platform has for parents beyond GIS. Many parents in the group have invited their own friends and family, extending the group’s reach beyond our traditional borders. The group acts as a brilliant reminder that no matter our nationality, families around the world are all facing the same issues and challenges as we relearn to coexist confined at home!

While the group is facilitated by GIS, all of the content being shared comes from the 600+ active members who make it. We are incredibly proud of how our community has come together on this – you are and always have been – our best advocates.

SmarterStrongerTogether reflects the very foundation of our school; we are a learning community at heart. Together we know more; together we can achieve more, together we will succeed.

An empowered community empowers community #SmarterStrongerTogether

Connect, Share, Support: join our Facebook group, or visit our website and experience our special community in action.

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