September 29, 2017
Tine Pendred

GIS Stories | Teachers Insights | Tine Pendred

Digital learning coach Tine Pendred thinks GIS is a very innovative school, a great example of this is her position at GIS! Her three words to […]
September 28, 2017
Emily Hopkinson Garden International School Teacher Spotlight

Emily Hopkinson, Deputy Headteacher, Secondary – GIS Spotlight | Blog

Positive. Innovative. Passionate...
September 26, 2017
Shikhar Singh Year 13 student Garden International School

Shikhar Singh, Year 12 student – GIS Spotlight | Blog

Shikhar Singh won the Pearson Outstanding High Achievers Award. He's the highest scorer in Malaysia for GCSE: Design &Technology Resistant Materials (2016).
September 23, 2017
GIS Stories -Student Cherilyn - 2017

GIS Stories | Students Insights | Cherilyn

Nurturing, Friendly, Community: this is what GIS is for Cherilyn who is going to Brown University. Find out how GIS brings out the best in her...
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