Design & Technology Exhibition at Garden International School

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Design & Technology Exhibition at Garden International School

DT exhibition sept 2017

11 September 2017 – The faculty of Design & Technology (D&T) at Garden International School recently showcased a collection of work produced by students from last academic year. The exhibition in the school highlighted the hard work of DT students, with an emphasis on GCSE outcomes in Resistant Materials and Graphic Products.

The D&T faculty pride themselves on contextualised learning; with the Resistant Materials GCSE projects showing the outcomes from a collaboration with alumni designer Stephanie Ng and Bangsar clothing store Pestle & Mortar who acted as real clients for the students. There was also work from key stages three, four and five that further showcased the quality real-life learning that happens in D&T.

In Year 7 Aquaria Project, CAD students designed and manufactured earbud wraps based on sea-life creatures. The brief was set by Aquaria KLCC. The Year 8 students were involved in a camera project where they learned the concept of Reverse Engineering. They replicated and made improvements to a range of digital cameras using industry-standard software, Autodesk Fusion.

On the other hand, some students worked on the concept of sustainability to design and make slot-together furniture in the style of IKEA. No glues or mechanical fixings have been used to make lightweight tables produced from Indonesian plywood. The students were required to work in groups of four to produce identical batch-produced tables, using processes to ensure Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

Other projects included pop-up reward cards making, logo and merchandise design, and “empathetic design”.

“I am really proud of the work being produced by our D&T students at GIS. The learning taking place as well as the outcomes show we are producing conscientious designers of the future and I look forward to seeing what they are capable of as they progress through GIS and beyond,” said Head of D&T Ryan Ball.

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