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Digital Learning Culture | Garden International School Blog

gis blog digital learning culture

Digital Learning Culture

GIS blog digital learning culture

The use of digital tools to enhance student and staff learning has become the norm at GIS. Since launching our 1:1 iPad programme in 2013 we have seen knowledge and understanding of the use of technology for learning increase dramatically. We have learnt to always focus on the learning and not on the app or software programme. This has allowed us to ensure we are using the right things at the right time.

All students from Years 3 – 9 have their own iPad. This has been a driver for personalising learning and innovative practice.

As students reach Year 10 they can opt to use a Macbook Pro. They have found the extra functionality to be useful for the IGCSE programme.

All classrooms and meeting spaces in the school are equipped with Apple Tv’s. We have found that they augment the 1:1 iPads wonderfully.

gis blog digital learning culture

Twitter has become a platform that is used widely around our learning community. #GISLearning is a place where teachers share and celebrate learning. It has opened up a virtual window into our classrooms in a wonderfully exciting way. Teachers share when they want and what they want and we have found this flexible approach has led to sustained and embedded use.

Innovative Learning

Our students and teachers are leveraging technology to enhance learning on a daily basis. The introduction of our Digital Learning Coaches has helped to ensure student and adult learners are inspired, encouraged and supported with their use of digital tools.

Digital Coaching Culture

Our Digital Learning Coach team now consists of five members who all have between 50 and 100% time allocation for their coaching role. We are very clear that this team have a pure focus on learning and pedagogy. They are not technicians and do not provide tech support. We have a separate team for that. We believe that the use of coaches is the most effective way to embed world class digital learning and we see them as key players in developing our learning culture.

GIS iTech Talks 2016

garden international school blog iTech Talk

Caption (clockwise) – Laila (Year 8), Eromi & Megan (Year 8), Saniya (Year 10), Lewis (Year 4), Arkin (Year 11) and Alice (Year 8)

The first GIS iTech Talks took place in May 2016 with students and staff sharing their insights into the use of technology in education. The speakers gave highly professional and engaging talks on subjects ranging from the love of Minecraft to the distractive nature of technology for one of our students.  

The talks took place during our Friday afternoon professional learning session which allowed all of our staff to listen to the young people we work with talking about what matters to them.

The innovation being simply that our students can help us with our professional learning. We’d never done this before and it was a wonderful experience that made teachers reflect on how they approach the use of technology in their classrooms.

This is GIS Learning Culture.

To download a copy of our iBook “Enjoy the Journey – Creating a Learning Culture at GIS” please click here. Kindly note that the link will only open from iOS device, provided the device has  iTunes U and iBook installed.


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