Drama teacher gains Apple Distinguished Educator recognition

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May 16, 2017
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Drama teacher gains Apple Distinguished Educator recognition

Garden International School (GIS) is pleased to announce its drama teacher, Andrew Rankin, has been recognised as an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE).  

The ADE Program began in 1994, when Apple recognised K-12 and higher education pioneers who are using a variety of Apple products to transform teaching and learning in powerful ways. Today it has grown into a worldwide community of over 2,500 visionary educators and innovative leaders who are doing amazing things with Apple technology in and out of classroom.

Andrew has designed and created a unique learning space known as an Immersive Learning Environment. Using Airplay, iPads, Macbooks, widescreen projections, video, sound and Wifi-enabled LED lighting a learner is transported and immersed in any contextual environment or setting selected.

“As a drama teacher I see that learning is best when students are actively and emotionally immersed within a context. The Immersive Learning Environment has led to learners being more engaged and emotionally connected to the source material. As a result learners have a deeper understanding of the subject being taught. This has had a fantastic and creative impact on the delivery of curriculum within the whole school setting of GIS,” he explains.

Besides applying innovative technology in drama lessons, Andrew also has been co-leading the school’s Large Scale Enquiry Programme for three years along with Director of Innovative Learning, James Wellings and Digital Learning Coach, Alex Turner. This programme involves 1,000 students and 200 staff, where they are immersed in a real world learning challenge over five days. The development of this project has been internationally recognised with the school gaining Apple Distinguished Project status in 2015. In 2017, the school was recognised as an Apple Distinguished School.

“These two elements of my work at GIS formed the focus of my recent successful Apple Distinguished Educator application, of which I am extremely proud. I am really excited for the ADE Academy in Australia this summer; learning more about how technology enhances education and sharing these new ideas with my colleagues in GIS,” he says.

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