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February 26, 2019
May 16, 2019
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Jungle School

Gumboots? Check!
Bug spray? Check!
Sense of Adventure? Check

Each week, 40 children from our Reception and Nursery classes excitedly clamber onto buses armed with hats and sunscreen, eagerly anticipating their next ‘Jungle School’ adventure. At the end of a happy, busy morning in the jungle they clamber back onto the bus – many of them muddy and messy, faces giddy with excitement and all of them brimming with stories. So what have they been up to? What is our ‘Jungle School’ programme all about?

In a nutshell
The Early Years Jungle School programme has been running since 2014, and was originally inspired by the European ‘Forest School’ concept. The programme gives our early years children the exciting opportunity to develop confidence and core learner skills, through hands-on learning experiences in an outdoor jungle setting. We are the only school in Malaysia currently offering this amazing programme to our students!

What do the children do?
Once our children arrive at their Jungle School ‘base camp’, they are able to explore and get stuck into whatever inspires them that day: tree-climbing, boat-making, stick-collecting, mud-mixing, spider-watching: the list is endless! It is always wonderful to see the levels of engagement and excitement about learning. Our skilled Early Years teachers know just when to step in to scaffold and extend a child’s learning, as well as when to stand back and give them independence.

What do the children learn?
No matter what activities our children choose to engage in at Jungle School, they have plenty of opportunities to develop GIS learner skills such as communication, risk taking, problem solving and resilience – all in a natural environment. These are all skills that will support their academic, social and emotional development in years to come. In addition, our Jungle School programme inspires our early years children to enjoy nature, understand how precious it is and become invested in protecting it for the future!

What about safety?
When planning Jungle School sessions, our EYC team ensure that the children’s safety is paramount. Each session is run in an outdoor location that is carefully selected by the Garden EYC staff for suitability and safety, and thorough risk assessments are always completed prior to every Jungle School visit. Clear rules and location boundaries are very clearly communicated to the children, ensuring that they can enjoy their outdoor learning experiences safely.

Come and see the magic of our EYC for yourself !

We’d love you to join us at our upcoming EYC Open Day, taking place this Tuesday 12 March. Explore our innovative purpose-built learning spaces, observe our fantastic students and teachers ‘in action’ on a typical school day and learn more about how we’re inspiring our children to become Ambassadors of Nature. Register  or simply walk in on the day!

Missed our Open Day?  Book your personal tour online or contact our lovely admissions team +(603) 6209 6888 to show you around! See you soon at GIS!

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