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F1 in Schools SEAIS 2017 champions, Lucendi Team – GIS Spotlight | Blog

F1 in Schools SEAIS 2017 champions Lucendi Team photo
F1 in Schools SEAIS 2017 champions Lucendi Team photo

From left: Aadesh Chaudri, 15 years old, Thomas Allan, British, 14 years old,Jessica Tan, Malaysian, 14 years old,Elsa Haroon, Canadian, 14 years old, Masa Nooh, Jordanian, 14 years old and Gary Brown, British/Thai, 14 years old.

Designers of the fastest car, team Lucendi won 1st place in this year’s F1 in Schools Challenge with a race time of 1.182 seconds, setting a new F1 in Schools (SEAIS) record and qualifying them to compete abroad in the World Finals next year.

What does GIS offer to bring out the best in you.
Aadesh: The ability to participate in such amazing and programs that allow us to develop as students and citizens of our community.

Elsa: GIS for me, offers a range of opportunities and allows me the freedom to voice my ideas and opinions which let’s me grow as an individual but also as a member of my team and learning from different perspectives.

Gary: GIS offers opportunities such as F1 in schools and a wide range of amazing facilities.

Jessica: There are many everyday opportunities for me express my creativity and leadership skills, which I often learn and develop from.

Masa: I believe GIS offers all students many opportunities, to achieve lasting experiences, lifelong skills, and continuously pushes students to flourish beyond their expectations.

Thomas: I believe that GIS offers the best that you can do as a person and opportunities that other schools won’t be able to offer.

What do you aspire to be when you grow up?
Aadesh: I plan to work as a lawyer and bring change through the work I plan to do in the future.

Elsa: I would love to become a doctor when I grow up. I love science and it has always been my dream and I really love the thought of not only helping people out, but making a difference in some part of the world doing what I love some day.

Gary: I’m thinking about owning and managing a nice cafe in Sydney or something.

Jessica: An environmental activist.

Masa: When I grown up, I want to be either a dermatologist or an orthodontist.

Thomas: I aspire to be a Engineer Interior Designer. Drawing has been my hobby since I was a young boy.

What is the best part of being in your team?
Aadesh: The ability to learn new skills and building on our existing friendships to improve our relationships in and out of school.

Elsa: I would definitely have to say that the best part of being in my team is learning and growing from each other. When one makes a mistake, we don’t dwell on it, but instead learn from it and become two times stronger because of it.

Gary: The race day is a lot of fun; the thrills and excitement of racing the cars, friendly chat with the people from other teams and the anxiety as we wait to find out the overall champion is all good fun.

Jessica: We have all types of personalities in our team and everyone brings something valuable to the table. We always managed to make each other laugh, which I think was one of the main aspects that made the F1 competition so enjoyable.

Masa: The absolute best part of being in Lucendi is after all the ups and downs we go through, we always end up doing our best and enjoying it all together.

Thomas: The best part about being a member of my team is the opportunity to design the car which came 1st in the SEA finals.

Complete the sentence: Teamwork is…
Aadesh: a vital skill in life.

Elsa: Teamwork is helping each other out when the work becomes tough and motivating each other through every step of the way.

Gary: getting along and making positive progress towards an end goal as a team.

Jessica: the art of learning to adapt and make compromises with people who have completely different strengths and weaknesses from myself. We help to bring out the best in each other.

Masa: Teamwork is commitment, trust, and passion.

Thomas: the opportunity to pursue your strength and improve your weakness while getting along with your teammates and making new friends.

Describe GIS in 3 words.
Aadesh: Amazing, Diverse and Creative.

Elsa: Passionate, Creative and Bold.

Gary: It’s pretty good!

Jessica: Diverse, friendly, Cooperative.

Masa:  Bright, Innovative, and Diverse.

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