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F1 team Diverse – GIS Spotlight | Blog


Describe your team.
Diverse is a team that believes in embracing every individual’s differences and using it to create a unique outcome. As a team, we have always made sure to understand one another’s weaknesses and instead of allowing them to bring us down we use it to further improve the team as a whole.

What’s the best part of being in your team?
The best part of being in team Diverse is being able to work with talented and committed individuals who strive in different aspects but come together excelling as a group. Not only does this make the experience an enjoyable one, but it opens doors to a wide range of different opportunities and events that not only help us in our project but life in general.

Tell us about your team’s achievement.
After achieving top places in both the school round and the regional round, Diverse has won the opportunity to proceed to the F1 in Schools World Final, taking place at the end of 2017. We all are looking forward to the opportunity and hope to do Garden proud.   

Bryan Soo 
On behalf of team Diverse
October 2016

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