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May 22, 2017
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Fobisia Maths Team – GIS Spotlight | Blog


The team won the overall competition in Fobisia maths held in Beijing this term.

Introduce your team.
Our team is made up of Sebastien Chua 8K, Gauri Gupta 7I, Minseo Koo 8W and Jack Yeo 8M 

What is the best part of being in your team?
Gauri: We are always having fun no matter where we are and we also go sightseeing to places like the Great Wall of China.
Minseo: Winning
Jack: We enjoyed each other’s company and went sight seeing on the Great Wall.
Sebastien: Everyone is nice to each other.  

Complete the sentence: Teamwork is…
Gauri: Teamwork is having fun.
Minseo: Teamwork is the path to winning.
Jack: Teamwork is more than working well in a competition environment, teamwork is synergizing with the people in your team throughout the journey.
Sebastien: Teamwork is enjoying yourself. 

What is your team’s proudest achievement?

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