Gabrielle Tan, Year 12 student – Garden International School Malaysia Spotlight | Blog

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Gabrielle Tan, Year 12 student – Garden International School Malaysia Spotlight | Blog

Garden International School Malaysia blog student spotlight Gabrielle Tan

Nationality: Malaysian
Roles/positions in school:  Girls Tennis Captain, Director of House Strand, Director of Project Arts 360, Secretary General of KLMUN X, Focus Group Leader, Science Ambassador, GIS Scholarship recipient

What do you aspire to do when you grow up and why?
In the near future, I hope to pursue a degree with elements of Geography and Economics as those are my favourite subjects. Looking further in the future, I have had countless dream jobs but most recently I’ve been aspiring towards being a Geography teacher after being inspired by my teachers who are so passionate, patient and knowledgeable.

Tell us about your favourite activity/project at GIS.
My favourite activity would have to be Dragons Tennis. Throughout the past few years our team has been through everything from competing in several different countries to playing at ISAC with a 5-woman team to being relegated and then fighting for our promotion at SEASAC, and I have loved every moment of it. I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team.

Share with us some of your proudest achievements in life so far.
Representing Malaysia on the World Ocean’s Day Advisory Council, achieving my 2nd Dan Taekwondo Belt and completing my Grade 8 Piano exam are a few things I’m proud of. Another one of my proudest achievements would be receiving the awards at our Grad Ceremony last year.

What is the best part of studying at GIS?
I think the best part is that GIS offers countless opportunities for us to develop in and out of the classroom. The number of leadership opportunities and co-curricular activities available really caters to everyone’s interests and makes it so easy to get involved. On top of this, the immense support and great sense of community that can be felt everywhere you go makes GIS a great place to be.

What is your happy space?
I don’t think I have a specific happy space but basically anytime and anywhere in the world I’m with my parents and all of my siblings at once…as my older two siblings now live abroad I don’t get to see them that often.

As the director of your strand, how do you see yourself leading the team?
The student leaders in the House strand are awesome, they have great ideas and work hard on our projects. I wouldn’t say I am leading the team but rather I exist as someone who helps to keep us on track and supports anyone that needs help so that we are all able to achieve our goals in the best possible way.

Complete the sentence: I wish…that everyone in this world could be safe, healthy and happy.

Life motto: “Forever, is composed of nows.” – Emily Dickinson  


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