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Garden International School Student Leadership Programme | GIS Blog

Our world-class programme develops the characteristics of strong leadership from a young age. Sixth Form students have the opportunity to take the lead of a strand within the student leadership structure. They develop and run leadership programmes for all Student Leaders from Years 7 to 11. This is a fantastic opportunity to become involved in developing and impacting on key aspects of the school, such the areas of:


Each year, we appoint Directors for each strand; an opportunity for exceptional leaders to be recognised and to take the lead on student-initiated opportunities at Garden International School. Our Student Leaders make a positive difference.

Examples of some of the projects are:

  • MUFTI organisation
  • Fun Runs
  • The Street Store
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Leading technology drop in sessions for other students
  • The Drop and Go Recycling project
  • Development of student observations
  • New student integration in school
  • Mentoring of students
  • Make A Wish

What the Student Leaders have to say…

“Student Leadership at GIS is inspiring because it pushes students out of their comfort zones and strive to be better leaders in their respective fields. Through collaborating with fellow student leaders and brainstorming game changing ideas, it has definitely been one of my best experience so far at GIS.” – Jia Yi Lim

“Student Leadership at GIS is absolutely brilliant in regards to getting a great glimpse of working in the wider world because we are exposed to so many opportunities to not only learn new skills (like interpersonal communication) but to constantly put them to practice in such an accessible way.” Lana Ng, Year 10

“Being a student leader at GIS is being committed towards aiding the community. It’s about being responsible and giving time to create a better student environment for everyone.

Every role plays its own part in the creation and organization of amazing events such as Mufti Day, happy week and more. Most importantly it’s about having a say in what happens and making GIS the best it can be.” – Ryan Lee, Year 9

This is GIS Learning Culture.

To download a copy of our iBook about GIS Unique Learning Culture – “Enjoy the Journey” please click here. Kindly note that the link will only open from iOS device, provided the device has  iTunes U and iBook installed.

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