Get a STEP up with GIS!

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Get a STEP up with GIS!

How we’re engaging young women in maths to change the world.

Here at Garden International School (GIS) we’ve been working on an exciting new equation – how can we motivate more girls in mathematics?

As Ms Amy Marsh, Head of Mathematics at GIS, explains: “Mathematics undergraduate courses at top universities such as Cambridge typically have more than four male students to every one female student! Although there have been improvements over the last hundred years, progress has been slow and women in mathematics still remain outnumbered.”

Our mission is part of a global initiative to promote greater gender balance in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers and encourage more female students at university level.

To help support our female mathematicians, GIS is offering a free year-long STEP programme to Year 12 and 13 female students interested in studying maths at a UK university.  STEP (Sixth Term Examination Papers) is a well-established maths entrance exam, designed to test candidates on questions similar in style to undergraduate mathematics, commonly used by the University of Cambridge and University of Warwick.

On the course, students will get the opportunity to work through the strategies and techniques needed to tackle STEP style questions, as well as some other common entrance examinations such as the MAT and AEA. This is an exciting opportunity for any female student who is interested to work as part of a collaborative, supportive group of girls on high level Mathematics.

The GIS STEP programme will run every Wednesday at 2:30-3:30pm (during term time), commencing Wednesday 5 September. Please note that the course is open to all female students in the Kuala Lumpur area; students need not attend Garden International School to attend the course.

Ready to take up the challenge and join our STEP programme?

Contact the Head of Secondary Mathematics at GIS, Ms Amy Marsh, to register or find out more:

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