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GIS Alumnae in STEM | Garden International School Malaysia

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We have recently introduced three alumnae in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) – Sherine Rachel Abraham, Ina Hanninger and Shireen Basheer. It’s an honor to celebrate these three young women who have made significant contribution to cutting-edge STEM disciplines. They made not only their individual organisation proud but they are also an inspiration to young students who would want to follow their footsteps. GIS couldn’t be prouder to celebrate and  recognise the contributions our alumnae have made to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Garden International School Malaysia blog Sherine Abraham

Alumna Sherine Abraham, class of 2015 has been recognised as an emerging female STEM student at the University of Melbourne. Sherine, a third year Biomedicine student says, “I find that there has been quite an equal divide between our male and female lecturers, which definitely provides a lot of female students with role models to work with and create aspirations for careers in the STEM industry.”

Sherine attributes her successes in her educational pursuit to the foundation that’s been rooted in her through her journey with GIS. The very nature of GIS’s approach to education meant that we were constantly disrupting the conventional approach to education through the myriad of opportunities available to us.

“The greatest discoveries never came from remaining in your comfort zone, and this philosophy encouraged me to reach out to the community and take on roles that nurtured skills beyond those that were employed in a classroom. GIS championed a holistic approach to education that’s molded me into a versatile individual ready to face the real world,” she says.

Alumna Ina Hanninger, class of 2016, an Engineering Science student at Hertford College, Oxford University has written an article for The Oxford Scientist, “Around the world in a solar-powered plane”. She is also the Publicity Officer for The Oxford Scientist. She was in charge of organising a big launch event where she even hosted the Deputy News Editor of “New Scientist”, Penny Sarchet, as a guest speaker. Ina has always been passionate about journalism and was the Editor-in-Chief of Perspective (GIS Secondary School Opinion Magazine) in 2014/15.

Garden International School Malaysia blog Shireen Basheer

Along with them we have Alumna Shireen Basheer, class of 2005, who’s now a holder of not one, but two Master’s degrees of Structural Engineering at Carleton University and Space Studies at International Space University. Shireen is currently working as an Aerospace Structural Engineer at HBO in Bremen, Germany. At the moment Shireen is working on a project called ‘The Athena X-ray Observatory’ which is a Community Support Portal and also the European Data Relay Satellite System (EDRS) Overview.

We are very proud of their achievements and we can’t wait to have more GIS Alumni and students reaching out to us so we can celebrate their successes as well. 

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