GIS’ first ever Personal Skills Development Conference!

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November 25, 2016
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November 25, 2016
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GIS’ first ever Personal Skills Development Conference!

We were very excited to have four external speakers to facilitate our first ever GIS Personal Skills Development conference in September.

Dannielle Miller presented a workshop to parents and the wider community on the topic of ‘Beyond six packs and selfies’ and then started the conference with a key note of the same topic. Dannielle works with over 20,000 students worldwide and regularly speaks on TV & radio in Australia, as well as having a regular column in the weekend papers.

We were also joined by world-renowned Personal Coach, Clive Leach, part of the founding team of IPEN (International Positive Education Network), who started our conference on Day 2 with his engaging talk entitled ‘ To Go beyond’. Clive works with schools around the world to help to develop programmes that help students to ‘Flourish’.

To really embed the theme of personal development and well-being we welcomed Bill Cael, who is a leading specialist in the use of Tibetan Singing Bowls as an aid to support Mindfulness and Well Being.  It was an amazing session which allowed students to explore meditation and mindfulness in truly unique way.

Students were then able to choose up to six personal skills development workshops, including some facilitated by our very own GIS staff!

List of the workshops conducted:

The conference not only gave students the option to choose workshops based on their specific needs, it also allowed students from Year 11, 12 & 13 to work together throughout the two days, encouraging the formation of new skills & new friendships. The atmosphere around the school during the two days was extremely positive and it was great to see such enthusiasm from the students involved.

The second part of the week focussed on Careers and Higher Education for Years 11 & 12. Year 11 were involved in Careers Day which provided a chance for students to have 1:1 interviews with members of staff about their future plans as well as an opportunity to “sell” their personal brand using their e-portfolio. They also experienced Taster Sessions for a range of subjects taught at A-Level giving them an idea of what is in store post IGCSE.

Year 12 were involved in Higher Education on Thursday which included an informative talk from UCL as well as numerous activities designed to help them make informed decisions about their future. They were involved in an EP & Enrichment programme which helps to develop a range of key skills which are crucial to further education & careers.  

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