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GIS Stories | Alumni insights | Clement Chew

Clement Chew

Meet Clement Chew, Alumni cohort 2007, who currently runs his own security consultancy business.  One of the many things he learned at Garden International School is the ability to critically think.


“Hi there I am Clement class of 2007. I currently work as a security consultant, we help businesses, governments and the high Commissions’ or embassies further improve the ways in which they deal with security threats in this current environment”.

Once I graduated in 2007 it was needless to say that I went to university in the United Kingdom further my studies specifically the University of Manchester where I did economics and international development for my bachelor’s. I then moved on to the University of East Anglia and did international development and economics for my Master’s, after that I worked in the UK for a couple of years and returned to Malaysia in 2014 to work for the Malaysian Prime Minister’s department where I dealt with a multitude of portfolios related to crime or specifically the reduction of crime in this country.

After my stint in the Prime Minister’s department I decided to work as a private security consultant that’s where I am now. Despite the fact I only spent two years in Garden School it shaped me in many ways in which I cannot describe. It’s mainly who I am now and I’ve made lifelong friends there where if we haven’t seen each other for 10 years we were able to pick up as if we had never left each other. I was in the basketball team and at the time the newly formed community sports Leadership Award program we participated in all of that. I remember fondly going to SEASAC and Fobisia events. But also the ability to critically think and more importantly have fun and make new friends I thoroughly recommend it. I enjoyed my time there thoroughly and I would gladly give anything to go back there even if just lived the two years that I spent here

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