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GIS Stories | Alumni Insights | Kathryn Ghazali


Kathryn Ghazali, cohort 1984, her story tells us how Garden International School formed her. She also explains us how her beautiful career path started and developed to where she stands now.

Garden school offered me the opportunity to shine in areas that were not strictly academic, which boosted my confidence and it showed people what I was capable of. I’m now a psychologist and a strategy planner for management and this is my story.

I was with Garden School for a very long time ago. I think I joined when I was two and that was in 1970 I didn’t stay after kindergarten I had a break and I went off to the local government school “Bukit Nanas”. When I came back for high school and I finished my “O” levels at Garden School. It was a great time I really had a very very good time at Garden school.

After Garden School I left and lived in Switzerland for a little while to study languages so I learned how to speak French, German and Spanish. From there I had a gap because I’ve had a little baby and I went to uni in Lancaster when I was living in England. I found that I was really drawn into the psychology part of that I wanted to understand why people do the things they do.

My background and niche is in industrial Psychology. I have specialized in nonverbal therapies as well so that I can help people who have difficulty trying to communicate what it is that they’re feeling that makes them unhappy or if they’re feeling that they don’t fit in how can they get over that what would that life look like is it feasible of course it’s feasible because if you can think it you can do it so get out there and do something.

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