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GIS Stories | Alumni Insights | Stephanie Ng

Stephanie Ng

Stephanie Ng, class of 2001,  she is a very talented Designer and founder of Stephanie Ng design. Her passion for design derived from the elective”design technology” she chose at Garden International School.


I’m Stephanie of Stephanie Ng design. I was born in Kuala Lumpur but migrated at five to Vancouver. When I returned I joined GIS in grade five and graduated class of 2001. I moved on to further my studies in Melbourne at Swinburne University with a Bachelor of design, industrial design. It was a passion that derived from design technology an elective I chose at GIS.  I found that I was really good at making things with my hands and I loved creating beautiful things.

In 2013 I founded “Stephanie Ng design” in Melbourne where we won our first award at the Australian international furniture fair. Since then we’ve been awarded the most prestigious Design Awards a Malaysian can receive, the Malaysian good design mark for two new lighting designs. This year we’ve been recognized by a prestigious magazine for top 40 under 40, Marie Claire’s top ten amazing women and Malaysia’s Women’s Weekly great women of our time.

Education to me is more than just acing exams, enrolling in the right educational institute sets you up for the tone of the rest of your life.

I thank GIS for giving me a strong foundation and contributing to the successes I’ve experienced today.


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