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GIS Stories | Parents Insights | Catherine & Charles

Catherine & Charles, the parents of three GIS children, would like to share why they have chosen Garden International School and what “We Are GIS” mean for them. Happening, international and holistic are the three words Catherine & Charles would use to describe Garden International School.


What attracted you to Garden International school?
What attracted us at Garden It’s mainly three reasons, one is I think we felt that it was a true international school with a lot of nationalities. Two is the EYC (Early Years Centre), I think very accessible for our kids because it was less daunting, easy for them to start school even if it’s a big school it was a small school, and then third is the quality of the teachers we really felt that Garden could attract the best and was also able to teach and train the best for our children.

What three words would you use to describe Garden International School?
So for us the three words to describe Garden International School would be; That is easy Garden International School…No it would be I think really happening because there are so many things going on for both the students the children the parents the teachers it is like neverending. Truly international that is for sure like that feeling and purely holistic really the care and the love of teaching the children how to love learning is at the heart of everything in Garden.

What does “We are GIS” mean to you?
That feeling of the global community, we make friends here and because of the profile of the number of expats in here you get a lot of coming and going but the friendships we built as parents and the friendships our children make is forever really so yes we are GIS is that global community.

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