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GIS Stories | Parents Insights | Inge & Pinky

Inge & Pinky

Inge & Pinky, two GIS moms share their experience about the school. To Inge “We are GIS” means; it really feels like family. Pinky has been here since three years and she feels it’s a very different part of her life and her daughter in a positive way!

“My name is Inge I am living here for three years now. I have three children and two of them are going to GIS, one in year 2 and one in reception. I am Pinky, I have daughter who is in grade two and she is with GIS for three years”.

What are the main strengths of the school?
Respect for others is one of the key strengths. Children learn to build up proper relationships with their peers and that is very important in a world where children move all the time. Well to create a spirit like this in an environment where children learn to try to get the best out of themselves you need also dedicated people and yes that is for me exactly what Garden offers, great teachers, fantastic teachers and very passionate staff.

Do you feel GIS students are challenged at school?
At GIS children are always encouraged in a positive way to learn and develop and on their own speed, that is very important. Also I feel that they have responsibility of their own learning so they know where they are going and how far they can go and reach their learning.
This only possible in a happy school with a great spirit and that is what GIS has.

What three words would you use to describe the school?
The three words to describe the school for me would be development, respect and family
For me progressive, holistic and happy

What does “we are GIS” mean to you?
We are GIS well for me GIS really feels like family. To be honest I am actually proud when I enter the school it’s a warm feeling, it’s all good.

We are GIS is like it’s ours, as parents we are welcome and our kids are happy. Three years and I feel it’s a very different part of my life and my kids in a positive way! A really good part of it, happy.

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