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GIS Stories | Parents Insights | Lysha

Lysha, parents of 2 children, would like to share why her family chose Garden International School and what “We Are GIS” mean for them. Caring, positive and holistic are the three words Lysha would used to describe GIS.

“Hi my name is Lysha and I have two children, one in secondary school and one in primary school. The one in secondary she’s in year 12 and the one in primary he’s in year 6”.

Do you feel Garden International School provides a holistic education?
I believe GIS provides my children with a holistic education. The reason being that it has wonderful CCA programs. it looks after them in many many aspects.

How do you feel about the quality and variety of the CCA program?
The CCA program at GIS is amazing. They have anything from sports fishing to chess.  The one CCA that my children love is the orchestra. It’s run by the music department and there they get opportunities to perform to live audiences. Not just in school in front of parents but also outside of school to network with other schools and collaborate in Orchestra and playing music and in developing their skills.

Would you recommend Garden International School to other parents?
I would recommend GIS to other parents because my two children have developed in ways that I in a way never expected them to. They flourished in an environment that is safe and they have done so well academically but also they’ve made wonderful friends here at GIS.

What three words would you use to describe Garden International School?
GIS is caring, positive and holistic

What does “We are GIS” mean to you?
“We are GIS” means it’s a place where you feel warmth from the environment in the community it’s a great and easy place to make friends not just for my children
but also even for myself because the parents are so supportive at GIS.

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