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May 12, 2017
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GIS Stories – Parents Insights | Mairi Clare Dunlin

Mairi Clare Dunlin, parent of three GIS students, would like to share why her family chose Garden International School and what “We Are GIS” means for them.


What are the main strengths?
The strengths of GIS for me are a real strong sense of Community I really feel that I am part of something at GIS. Innovation they enjoy taking risks they don’t hold back on anything that’s new.

What is your opinion of the CCA programme at GIS?
The CCA program, there’s so many options for the children it’s actually quite hard to choose. They have different values that they can choose from whether it’s creative or active and so the children can get a
whole breadth of activities that they can do and it really helps them develop their social aspect outside of school.

Have you attended any parent workshops?
Very much I love the parent workshops I rarely miss a parent workshop and I don’t even look at what the topic is because I know if I turn up it’s going to be something worthwhile and educational and again, develop such sense of community you get to meet parents that you might not meet at any other times and just have a chat to each other and realize that we are all in the same boat and we are all interested in the same things.

Would you recommend Garden International School to other parents?
I would definitely recommend school to other people and I really personally love the sense of community that Garden has it really involves the parents the teachers and the children in all sorts of aspects like Mufti day and what have you and I really feel like I am part of that family.

What three words would you use to describe Garden International School?
Obviously one of them is community, child led and I’m very encouraged that my children can work at their own level and they have their own targets and they’re not forced to conform. Also a big thing for me is all the international different nationalities that are here my children are exposed to different cultures.

What does “We are GIS” mean to you?
The people of all different nationalities are working together for bringing out the best in our children

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