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GIS Stories | Students Insights | Rinon Nakashima


Rinon, GIS Year 11, would like to share how Garden International School brings out the best in her and what “We Are GIS” means to her. The three words to describe GIS for her are, Positive, Powerful and perfect!


“My name is Rinon Nakashima I’m in year 10, 10G and I’ve been studying in the school for three years”.

What do you enjoy most about GIS?
The thing I enjoyed the most to come into GIS is that I can meet all of my friends as a student in the
International School I have met various like range of friends from all four corners of the globe.

What makes GIS different?
GIS is an innovative school. In Japan we have to use like notebook and pencils during lessons but here when I first came I was really surprised about the fact that we can use iPads like in computers during
lessons. I have never experienced that in Japan so I am really happy that I can use those technologies in school.

How do you feel about the quality and variety of the CCA program?
I think CCA is one of the best highlights of the GIS. Reach out like this is the time where you have to look after the refugee kids, like when I was in Japan in school we didn’t have those activities that I have to look after the young people so I have learned how to take care of the small children on how to kind of educate them.

What three words would you use to describe Garden International School?
We have to explain GIS in three words that would simply be Positive, Powerful and Perfect

What does “We are GIS” mean to you?
The phrase “we are GIS” means that we are part of this broad community where teachers and students are ready to make the world a better place

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