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GIS Stories - Student Elisa - 2017
GIS Stories | Students Insights | Elisa
September 22, 2017
Shikhar Singh Year 13 student Garden International School
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September 26, 2017
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GIS Stories | Students Insights | Cherilyn

GIS Stories -Student Cherilyn - 2017

For Cherilyn, GIS Year 13, 2017 cohort, the three words to describe GIS are “Nurturing, Friendly, Community”.
Cherilyn will be going to Brown University after completion of her A-Level at GIS.
Check out the video below to find out more about how Garden International School brings out the best in her and what “We Are GIS” means to her.

“Hi I’m Cherylin and I’m in year 13. I’ll be going to Brown University this September”.

What opportunities that Garden International School has offered to bring out the best in you?
So I’ve been here in GIS since year six so it’s been like eight years and I think one of the opportunities I’ve had in GIS that stood out to me most was being active in the music community. Because I think it was during year ten that I started becoming more active in music community and I joined the orchestra and the Latin express GIS band in school. Throughout the years I’ve also joined like the choir and I have had the chance to play in the musicals in the pit band and I think like these opportunities really make me more confident in myself and also it also taught me to organize my time well along with my studies. I also think the other opportunity that GIS has offered or is all the leadership opportunities such as being a student leader or being a managing editor in perspective and I think these really help develop my leadership skills as well.

Describe how Garden International School teachers have supported your learning.
So I think that GIS teachers here are really good in the sense that they’re really supportive and are always there when you need help and are very encouraging and they also push us and give us a freedom to kind of challenge ourselves by the same time guiding us but I think what also makes them really special is that the care for each of the students individually and I think that’s hard to find somewhere else.

What is your favorite part of studying in Garden International School?
I think the best part studying in GIS is the community here because everyone is really friendly and really warm and we help each other out like not only the teachers helping the students are also students helping students as well.

What 3 words would you use to describe the school?
Nurturing, friendly, community
What does “we are GIS” mean to you?
I think “we are GIS” means I use a sense of community in school how everyone worked together and everyone support each other but it’s also a sense of belonging in that community and I know when I after I’ve left GIS I still feel that I’m part of GIS.

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