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May 12, 2017
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GIS Stories | Students Insights | Vanessa Lee

Vanessa Lee, GIS Year 11, would like to share how Garden International School brings out the best in her and what “We Are GIS” means to her. Her three words to describe GIS are “Community, Challenge
and fun”.


“Hi my name is Vanessa Lee. I’m in year 11 and I have been in GIS for seven years”.

What do you like about Garden International School?
My favorite thing about GIS would definitely be the opportunities presented to us students. In the seven years that I have been here I have been able to visit nearly all of Southeast Asia in various sporting events and academic excursions. A memorable trip for me would definitely be SEASAC swimming in Hong Kong we went during February when it was wintertime in Hong Kong so it was a really cool experience to be swimming in cold temperatures.

What leadership opportunities do you have at GIS?
Me personally I have been on the student leadership team, house captain and also student voice so the school really enables me to voice out my opinions and to express how I feel being a student in this school.

How do you like the teachers at GIS?
Yes absolutely the teaching here is phenomenal, teachers are very supportive and are always willing to help me out they always ensure that my limits are pushed so that I can reach my full potential and they always offer great advice.
How do you find the CCA program?
The quality and variety of the CCA program is very very good from jungle running to chess club I have to say that the CCA program it just gets better and better year after year. One of my favorite CCA’s would definitely be “prospectus”, which is the school magazine. The students are able to write articles based on their opinions and their thoughts and it’s published for the entire school to see.
What three words would you use to describe Garden International School?  
To me the three best words to encompass GIS will definitely be Community, Challenge
and fun.
What does “We are GIS” mean to you?  
“we are GIS” to me means being not only an active citizen but also for us to reach our full potential and
developed into the best people we can be.

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