GIS Stories | Students Insights | Zhen Wei

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September 19, 2017
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GIS Stories | Students Insights | Zhen Wei

GIS Stories - Student Zhen Wei - 2017

For Zhen Wei, GIS Year 13, 2017 cohort, the three words to describe GIS are “Diverse, Community, Powerful”.
Zhen Wei will be going to Durham University after completion of his A-Level at GIS.
Check out the video below to find out more about how Garden International School brings out the best in him and what “We Are GIS” means to him.


My name is  Zhen Wei. I have been here since year nine and now I’m in Year 13K. The university that I will be going to will be the university of Darwin to study music.

What opportunities Garden International school offered you to bring out the best in you?
GIS has offered me opportunities like I can think of in three different categories first would be music because I am a performer and they give you a chance to perform so many times in like so many places. The other one would be at swimming I am the swimming captain so we all get the chance to swim like in competitions in school formal and non-formal throughout the year as well. The last one is the school lets me try to help people.

Share with us your proudest achievement in life so far?
Proudest moment  was when I was swimming captain and one of my younger swimmers he was in class and had nothing to do with swimming and they asked him what they wanted to be and he wrote down that he wanted to be the captain of swimming team and be like Zhen Wei which is me and told me like well it was great to be a role model for someone and that was my proudest moment.

Describe how Garden International School teachers have supported your learning?
The music department in particular is the place that I active took support because I want to do music in the future and it helped me so much to give me places to perform, ways to compose, the music faculty is always open so I can go and practice piano anytime. And teachers like Mr. long if you have a conversation Mr. long it is like it did learn so much just by talking or fun with him. Mr. long knew that I want to be a teacher so help me to learn how to teach other people and such give me opportunities like that and just sarcastic and fun as a teacher

What 3 words would you use to describe the school?
three words are diverse, community the last one is actually, cut straight is powerful.

What does “We are GIS” mean to you?
Its inclusive it’s a community that’s inclusive as well as letting everyone march to the beat of your own drum or find their own path so the opportunity to give you allow you to become the best what you can be.


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