GIS student accepted to world’s top universities

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May 16, 2017
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GIS student accepted to world’s top universities

Getting an offer to study in a world-recognised university is a dream come true for high school graduates. So, when Lim Jia Yi received three offers from Harvard, Stanford and Trinity College at the University of Cambridge, she was overjoyed.  

“It’s beyond what I could have possibly imagined,” said the Year-13 student of Garden International School.

 “Harvard, Stanford and the University of Cambridge have always been my dream schools due to the very strong research emphasis in the courses they teach,” she added.

Jia Yi will pursue her degree in Economics and Sociology, and possibly take courses in Physics and Technology.

“I want to learn how societies and economies are affected by the deep impact of the technological revolution on the labour force; such as driverless vehicles, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. I hope to study the social implications of disruptive technology in the US or the UK and learn how to use public policy to counter such changes,” said the last year’s highest scorer in Malaysia for the Cambridge International AS Level Economics.

Jia Yi is passionate about learning and applying her knowledge and skills in life. At GIS, after learning about the laws protecting the rights of the disabled community in Malaysia and regular volunteering at disabled centres, she founded Project Smile, a non-profit organisation which provides disabled children with long-term, therapeutic interaction from secondary school students.  

“Creating and running Project Smile has allowed me to explore my own capacity to effect change in my community. I hope to use my education to improve my community and help effect lasting change in Malaysia in the future,” she said.

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