GIS Stories | We Are GIS | Y13 Students 2017

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October 7, 2017
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October 8, 2017
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GIS Stories | We Are GIS | Y13 Students 2017

GIS Stories Students We Are GIS 2017

GIS Y13 students, 2017 cohort, would like to share with you what “We are GIS” mean to them. From Community, to Diverse, Powerful to Supportive, Garden International School is all about bringing out the best in everyone.


“We are GIS”  means that we are a very supportive and open community where students and staff are very friendly towards each other.

“We are GIS” represents such a large school and it is very open-minded and you can definitely find something you enjoy to do here.

“We are GIS” means I use a sense of community in school how everyone worked together and everyone support each other but it’s also a sense of belonging in that community and I know when I after I’ve left GIS I still feel that I’m part of GIS.

“We are GIS” Its inclusive it’s a community that’s inclusive as well as letting everyone march to the beat of your own drum or find their own path so the opportunity to give you allow you to become the best what you can be.

“We are GIS” It means that we are a community and as a community we experiment we evaluate we learn from each other’s failures and build upon each other’s successes and we are a community that strives to always improve and be the best.

“We are GIS” means a good community with many active and accepting people.

“We are GIS” That probably means to me like I was saying earlier that we’re all together and I think that’s really true that this is sort of like a community GIS it’s not just the school everyone is sort of part of something together.


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