Gwen Chin, Class of 2015 – GIS Spotlight | Blog

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Gwen Chin, Class of 2015 – GIS Spotlight | Blog

Major in Psychology, currently in University at Buffalo, Singapore.

What is your best memory of GIS?
My best memory while being at GIS is when I was in year 4, during Sports Day. I was not a very athletic kid growing up, so being able to win two golds and a silver (and holding a school record for the standing broad jump for a while) opened a new door into sports and recreation for me through my years at GIS and as an adult now. (There are so many more memories, but this one was the most memorable).

Who in GIS inspired or motivated you the most when you were here?
I have a few. While in Primary, I had Mrs Samantha Munns as my teacher in year 4. She was the one who encouraged me to keep practicing my writing skills (they were horrible) and they slowly improved. Without her, my love for the English language and Literature would not exist today. While in Secondary, Ms Yap Chin Fui was a teacher I had a good learning experience with – pushing my math skills to a level higher than it can be. Not only was she engaging when teaching, she was a motherly figure towards all her students, doting on them and making sure they were alright all the time.

What inspires you in life?
I want to be able to help people to cope and overcome mental illnesses that people take for granted every day. There are so many individuals out there who are afraid of getting help because they are afraid of being judged. Being able to help these people get help when they need it makes my path towards being a psychologist so much more worth the struggles. Another thing that inspires me is art, in the form of dance. Dancing connects people through movement and tells stories through our bodies. Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Describe GIS in three words. 
Unity in diversity.

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