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Jayden Ting, Year 11 student – Garden International School Spotlight | GIS Blog

Garden International School student spotlight Jayden Ting
Garden International School student spotlight Jayden Ting

Nationality: Malaysian

What is your happy space?
My happy space is my study room, sitting down in front of a past paper, with a lovely timer in front of me ticking away. No it isn’t. Fortunately, I am like most people and I have to say that I would much rather be sitting in my room coming up with creative ideas, or ending the day with a good sleep. Also, I would consider my inner conscience as a more abstract interpretation of my happy space, where I can be stuck in my own thoughts, stuck not having to think too far into the future because that is, well horrifying.

What do you aspire to be when you grow up and why?
An aerospace engineer because I have always loved doing maths (obviously) and additionally I have been indoctrinated by myself from a young age that this is the career for me because it involves designing planes, something that I personally find rather interesting. Also, as an addition to subjects, I enjoy physics, which coincidentally ties in with maths as the two subjects are necessary to become an engineer.

Tell us about your favourite activity/project in GIS.
Personally, I have enjoyed a lot of the projects in GIS such as: F1 in schools, Year 9 utopia project and Year 8 impressionism. However, the most recent project, which I am currently enjoying would be my GCSE folder for Design & Technology (DT) because it contains not only the bringing together of many different subjects altogether into one, but, as the name implies, lots of designing skills which are pretty much pure creativity plus a technical mindset. Also, I do get free reign over the supplies in the DT department and can make whatever I wish, so long as it would look good within the British High Commissioner’s residence.

Share with us some of your proud achievements in life so far.
I have to say that there are only 2 main things I can think of. The first being getting this award (Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, Top in World for IGCSE Mathematics) because this is the one thing in life which I have actually had with effects on a global chessboard, otherwise everything else I have done is purely centred on Malaysia. Moreover, it is still awe inspiring, the fact that I really did get 100% in my actual IGCSE. That is really amazing. Secondly, probably getting to Year 11 because I seriously thought like from every age that year 11 is still forever away and now I am actually here. I still think some days: ‘wow! I am in Year 11, where did my youth go?’

What is the best part of studying in GIS?
I have to say that the teaching quality in Garden International School is fantastic because I have to say that the teachers in this school have really pushed me and explained the topics very well. Also I really enjoy answering questions and getting myself fully involved into each and every lesson. Secondly, there are the friends here, like my brother– Julian Ting–, who I have to say is a great encouragement and help to me.

Describe GIS in three words.
Friendly, Educational, Fantastic.

What does GIS offer to bring out the best in you?  
I have to say that CCAs are capable of bringing out the best in you such that it allows one to explore a lot more concepts in Garden International School. Also I have to say that the teaching quality reinforces one’s ability and natural aptitude for certain subjects. Thirdly, the friends in this school, which you make over time, reinforce and extrapolate one’s character. As a top Cambridge student, what are your study advice to fellow students? For maths, do a lot.. a lot… a lot of past papers. However for the other subjects, get your revision notes all organised. Also as a final message: You can do it.

Complete the sentence: I wish… that I will be able to actually leave a legacy in this school so that if I come back like 5 years later someone would recognise me.

Life motto: If you believe you can do it, then you can do it. If there is any doubt it will only degrade you. So don’t give up… you can do it.

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