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May 4, 2017
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Jessica Schneider, PTF Committee Lead – GIS Spotlight | Blog

How do you feel being part of GIS community?
Appreciative! It’s lovely to have the opportunity to get involved in small ways- reading to the students, Science Week, dress up celebration days, Jungle School and excursions to name just a few!- and to experience a little of what it would be like for my children by spending time with their teachers, meeting their classmates and seeing how they play and learn in their classrooms and also outside. It’s also been really nice getting to know some of the other families too, as well as some of the non-teaching staff at the school through the PTF.

Tell us about your passion/talent.
Stealth snacking. This works best when in a dark cupboard silently eating good chocolate truffles. Cracking open corn chips and munching your way through them is what I call siren snacking- everyone comes running. I don’t do this.

What is your happy space?
At a beautiful beach or going for a walk through the bush with the kids. They would ideally not be fighting, complaining or doing anything remotely dangerous. This ideal scenario clearly doesn’t happen every week so my Plan B for Solo Happy Space is reading a book or listening to podcasts while drinking tea in bed.

Describe GIS in three words.
Engaging, Inspiring and Illuminating!

What would be the one advice you would give to any new GIS parent?
Get involved! We have a fantastic community at GIS (see above!) and some great things are happening around the school because people put up their hands and get active. There are so many small and bigger ways to participate and contribute- you can use the skills and talents you have or learn lots of new things and make friends along the way!


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