Khushi Khanna, Year 12 student – Garden International School Malaysia | Spotlight

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May 7, 2018
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Khushi Khanna, Year 12 student – Garden International School Malaysia | Spotlight

Garden International School student leader director of learning strand Khushi Khanna
Garden International School student leader director of learning strand Khushi Khanna

Nationality: Indian Roles/positions in school: Director of the Learning Strand

What is your happy space?
The happy space that fills me with the most joy is a certain memory/scene of London. I picture myself confidently pitching an idea (in very Google-looking meeting room), finishing work and then walking through the London streets in the fresh and breezy air, while enjoying the freedom of exploring every block. By night, I imagine a luxurious socialite event at a beautifully-lit restaurant.

What do you aspire to be when you grow up and why? 
My academic passion lies in neuroscience and biochemistry because it’s particularly fascinating to understand the impacts of our anatomy on our behaviour. Its frontiers are growing considerably, with a development not only in the scientific community but in the economy and in artificial intelligence as well. Without a doubt, I know that I want to work in industry in a management position at some point, hopefully revolutionising a change in the world.

Tell us about your favourite activity/project at GIS.
My favourite activity is playing the drums and percussion in Latin Express- a school jazz band that primarily plays latin music. Music is an exhilarating platform that helps me live in the moment and it’s the best way to reduce my slightly debilitating perfectionism. Thanks to Mr Long, I feel that I push myself every session- through a sudden drum solo, or some improvisation without any sheet music, or learning a part within 15 minutes. It’s a wild and unpredictable experience but it comes together to produce what I think of as ‘the sound of emotions’.

What is the best part of studying at GIS? 
I also love that students are encouraged to challenge everything: to challenge their teachers, challenge what they learn, challenge the world they see around them. This shift from traditional education to a system that encourages curiosity and proactivity is what makes GIS special.

As a director of learning strand, how do you see yourself leading your team?
I’m a firm believer of “empowerment”. It implies a more holistic and sustainable approach to leadership and motivates me to ensure that the relationships I build with my team give all the members a comfortable and inspirational environment to build their confidence and take initiative.

Share with us some of your proud achievements in life so far.
I really pride myself in terms of my efforts in the student leadership programme and my performances at No Black Tie through Latin Express, but an achievement that stands out to me is a recent one. I’ve been working diligently to establish a partnership between GIS and an organisation called Oasis place, to hopefully launch a community service CCA called “Reach Out: The Power of Music”. My aim really is to create a programme in which students of our school can learn about the importance of music therapy from a professional, and then lead their own sessions with refugees who have faced discrimination and suffering, and could benefit from some time to relax or have fun. 

What does GIS offer to bring out the best in you?
The variety of opportunities each student receives to explore their passions, take initiative to start their own movements, and gain an early start into the corporate world- all through incredibly unique projects such as the Thrive internship programme.

Describe GIS in three words. 
Enriching. Innovative. Diverse.

Complete the sentence: I wish… I could eat pizza all day, every day?

Life motto: Reach for the stars. With passion, drive, ambition and a smile on your face, you can achieve anything you want in the world. (Not completely true, realistically there are a lot of other factors, but this motto does the trick, so no arguing against it).


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