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Lim Jia Yi, Year 13 – GIS Spotlight | Blog

What does GIS offer to bring out the best in you?
The two qualities which GIS offer are:
1.Teachers who are very knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects: In most of my lessons, I am constantly probed to think at a higher academic level- sometimes even beyond the syllabus. As a result, my critical and abstract thinking skills were greatly honed.

2.Flexibility in subject choice: Unlike many A-level colleges locally and internationally, GIS offers a wide range of subject choices for students. I was able to take a very unique combination of subjects which gave me a more holistic education.

Tell us about your passion.
I am very passionate about learning and applying what I learn. For example, after learning about the few laws protecting the rights of the disabled community in Malaysia and volunteering consistently at a disabled centres, I founded Project Smile, a non-profit organization which provides disabled children with long-term, therapeutic interaction from secondary school students.

Creating and running Project Smile has allowed me to explore my own capacity to effect change in my community. Since then, I have organised more initiatives to help my community such as the Street Store in Kuala Lumpur: a temporary store which provides the homeless community with a more dignified shopping experience where over 300 homeless people were fed and clothed.

I am very passionate about improving my community and I hope to use my education to help effect lasting change in Malaysia in the future.

What do you aspire to be when you grow up?
In the future, I hope to be involved in policy-making.

Though I am still open as to how I will enter policy making, I do know that my passion is to use my education to improve the lives of all Malaysians.

As I plan to major in Economics and Sociology, and possibly take courses in Physics and Technology, I want to learn how societies and economies are affected by the deep impact of the technology revolution on the labour force ie. Driverless Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

I hope to study the social implications of disruptive technology in the US or the UK and learn how to use public policy to counter such changes.

Share with us your biggest/proudest achievement in life so far.
I think my proudest achievement in life so far is gaining admission into Harvard, Stanford and Trinity College in the University of Cambridge.

Harvard, Stanford and the University of Cambridge have always been my dream schools due to their very strong research emphasis in the courses they teach.

Given the extremely low admission rates for these top Universities, especially for applicants from Malaysia, I was hoping that I would be accepted by just one of these universities.

So after I received my first acceptance letter in December last year, which was from Harvard, I immediately stopped my application effort. By then I had completed my UK applications and only Harvard and Stanford to the US.

So, being accepted by these three top universities in the world was way beyond what I could have possibly imagined.

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