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Parents, Teachers and Friends team – GIS Spotlight | Blog

Parents Teachers Friends team GIS Spotlight Blog

From left: Alison, Gabriel, Jessica and Sian.

Parents, Teachers and Friends (PTF) team 

Parents Teachers Friends team GIS Spotlight Blog

From left: Alison, Gabriel, Jessica and Sian.

What attracted you to the school?
Alison: My friends raved about how much they loved their school. I was totally perplexed by the amount of enthusiasm they had for GIS and I had to come and find out what they were all so excited about. And now I can see why.

Gabriel: I was introduced to GIS by my friends and when I came here, I knew that I didn’t have to look for other schools. This place is perfect.

Jessica: My friends love it and the location is great for us. It was very welcoming right from the start.

Sian: It has a very welcoming feel when I walked in the door. It felt like home.

Do you feel that the teaching and learning at the school is of a high quality?
Alison: The teachers have passion, energy and commitment to making a difference.  I really saw this once we were in GIS and observed what our children experienced in class and at school.

Gabriel: It’s so different from the school I knew. My children love going to the school, have fun and learn at the same time. They gain so much than what I did when I was at the same age.

Jessica: The small size classrooms are great for one-on-one attention which my children need and the support given by the teachers really help the learning enjoyable.

Sian: The teachers are innovative in their ways of teaching and are very skilled at differentiating the different needs of students in their class.

Would you recommend GIS to other parents?
Alison: Absolutely!

Gabriel: We do.

Jessica: I already have.

Sian: I am already.

Describe GIS in three words.
Alison: Continually exceeding expectations.

Gabriel: Familiar, Fun, Educating.

Jessica: Inspiring, Illuminating and Engaging.

Sian: Warm, Collaborative, Engaging.

What does “We are GIS” mean to you?
Alison: It comes back to the people in GIS, the passion that you see in the school, and the pride in our school community.

Gabriel: It’s about community and networking, intercultural, international upbringing for the children. Everybody is pulling at the same string to ensure that our kids have the best environment and education.

Jessica: It’s a very inclusive statement. We are all working together where we’re collaborating and participating for the best outcomes for the children.

Sian: It’s a sense of community. When you come to the school, you know that you have people that you can connect with.


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