Colter Watt, Head of Primary

Ashley Cornfoot, Deputy Head of Primary
November 2, 2016
Mariella Vittetoe-Castillo, Head of Counselling
November 1, 2016

Colter Watt, Head of Primary


What is your happy space?
I’m lucky to have a few happy spaces. Spending time with my family is my favourite. Also exercising and watching sports.

Tell us a less-known fact about you.
I am a Christmas baby and born on December 25th. My mom said I was her best ever Christmas present.

What is your favourite activity/project at GIS?
My favourite projects at GIS are the community ones. I loved the recent shift in Mufti to a Saturday family fun event. It is a brilliant day to celebrate and have fun as community of teachers, students and parents.

What is the greatest thing of being a teacher?
Working with the students. Their enthusiasm is infectious. I read a statistic that children laugh over 100 times a day as compared to adults 18 times a day on average. I think having fun and laughing with the students is what keeps me looking so young.

November 2016

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