David James, Director of Professional Learning

*FULL* Clay Art Workshop by Ceramicist Cheah Yeow Seng
March 1, 2017
Robyn Jenkins, Year 13
January 19, 2017

David James, Director of Professional Learning

What is your happy space?
I enjoy being outdoors, be it on a beach, in the mountains or in the jungle. My happy space is anywhere where I am surrounded by nature, preferably with my family.

What is your favourite activity/project at GIS?
The Professional Learning Afternoon Programme as it provides opportunity for every teacher to learn, develop and grow professionally.

How and why did you get into the teaching profession?
Following University, I took a gap year and worked in a school for children with disabilities. Working there helped me realise the vital role teachers play in helping students fulfill their academic and personal potential. I was inspired to do the same.

What is the greatest thing of being a teacher?
Being amazed again and again at the potential of children to be creative and find unique solutions to challenges. That and working with staff who are continually reflecting on how we can deliver the very best educational experiences to all children.

Describe GIS in three words.
Inspiring, Innovative and Reflective.

January 2017

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