James Wellings – Deputy Head (Whole School), Innovative Learning

Katelyn Tan, Year 12
January 17, 2017
Katy Bannister – Assistant Head of Lower School
January 13, 2017

What is your happy space?
Pretty much anywhere with my family (apart from on long haul flights with my kids, that’s awful). 

Tell us a less-known fact about you.
I was a choir boy for 4 years. I had the rough and everything. Ironically, I can’t sing very well.

What is your favourite project/activity at GIS?
It has to be the large scale enquiry project. Not just because it has a lot of my heart and soul in it but also because it’s grown into part of our learning culture and that’s really pleasing. I love that children of different ages are able to take on real world learning together. It’s fun, challenging and messy but it’s fantastic to be involved in. It also has loads of awesome people working on it!

Describe GIS in three words.
Fun, tiring, inspiring.

How did you get into the teaching profession?
I did some volunteer work in a school in Mazabuka, Zambia and have never looked back.

January 2017

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