Laura De Vergori, Junior Swim Coach

Anna Goh, Year 4 Leader
October 27, 2016
Gabrielle Tan
October 21, 2016

Laura De Vergori, Junior Swim Coach



Tell us a less-known fact about you.
I’m doing a masters in sports coaching.

How and why did you get into the teaching profession?
I got into teaching as I was always sporty at school. I left school at 16 and did  a sports coaching course at college and started teaching at a school’s sport club for my athletics coach who ran a coaching company.

What is the greatest thing of being a teacher?
Seeing children succeeding and enjoying themselves and being happy.

What is your favorite activity/project at GIS?
The Outreach project.

I wish… there was less negativity in the world and all human beings could just live side by side in peace and no conflict.

October 2016

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