Perspective Team

Ryan Ball, Head of Design & Technology
August 24, 2016
Primary EAL Team
April 26, 2016

1. Describe your team.
If we had to choose three words, we’d have to pick driven, outgoing and passionate. Everyone in our team does their part to make Perspective run as smoothly as possible so well to the point that it resembles clockwork.

2. What’s the best part of being in your team?
Here at Perspective, we aim to create a healthy and busy environment where all individuals are inspired to share their opinions and ideas and to exercise their creative talent freely, be it through writing up articles, taking photos, creating a website, designing the magazine or a plethora of other roles. What we like most about our team is the fact that we have students from a wide range of year groups who are constantly working together in perfect harmony to make sure that the next issue always trumps the previous one.

3. What’s next for your team?
We’re hoping to release our third issue before the academic year comes to a close. Our above average excitement for this next one is warranted by the fact that we’ve taken a step in a new direction that has yet to be explored and we’re looking forward to how our readers react to the new style of Perspective. Make sure to get the third issue!

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