Tasuku Noguchi, Class of 2016

Pranetr Pattabhiraman, Class of 2016
October 14, 2016
Sharifah Sonia Syed Mokhtar Shah
September 27, 2016

Tasuku Noguchi, Class of 2016



Tell us about your passion.
I’m really passionate about music and what I do. I love jazz, latin music, romantic and metal. I play the piano, clarinet, flute and saxophone.

What is the best part of studying in GIS?
At GIS, teachers don’t attempt to bend us to follow the mainstream but rather, support us and encourage us to try new things according to my wants and support me along. They allow me to go out of comfort zone but within a safe boundary. I learned to be independent and be responsible for what I do. I learned from mistakes and never let myself be upset because of it.

What is your best memory of GIS?
I can’t tell the best memory I have because it’s more of the whole GIS experience. 

October 2016

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