Brian Tan, Class of 2007

Head Prefect in 2004/2005, Year 11

Head Prefect in 2004/2005, Year 11

Describe your dream life.
If FutureLab does well, I would love to become a teacher and share my experience with students and help them grow as a person. I had great teachers and they influenced my life tremendously, I would love to have the opportunity to do the same. Also, being a high school football coach in my kids school would be pretty fun.

If you were a student again, what is the one change that you would make?
I think I would have taken a wider range of subjects for my IGCSE just to try it out.

What is your best memory of GIS?
Mmmm, I have loads of awesome memories in GIS but I think setting up the first GIS Battle of the Bands and organising lunch time dodgeball competitions to raise funds for Mufti Day was pretty fun.

August 2016

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