Matthew Corbett, Deputy Head of Secondary

Complete the sentence: I wish…
that ice cream was healthy.

What is your happy space?
The sea! The sound of the waves, the feeling of the salt water – pure bliss!

Tell us a less-known fact about you.
I worked on a Disney Cruise Ship for a year in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

What is your favourite activity/project at GIS?
My favourite activity is teaching my Year 9s. Project-wise I am passionate about strengths based leadership development and working/coaching our leaders.

How and why did you get into the teaching profession?
Truly? The New Zealand government was offering cash grants if you got into teaching! I soon found I loved the profession and the reason became all about working with young people and still is to this day.

What is the greatest thing of being a teacher?
That everyday is so different and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing young people inspired and being a part of that.

Describe GIS in three words.
Collaborative, Pacesetter, Passionate   

November 2016

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