Rachel Ann Lim Gibbons, Year 12 student – GIS Spotlight | Blog

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October 6, 2017
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October 6, 2017
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Rachel Ann Lim Gibbons, Year 12 student – GIS Spotlight | Blog

Garden International School Malaysia blog student spotlight Rachel Gibbons

Nationality: British and Malaysian Roles/positions in school: GIS Scholarships recipient, Focus Group Member, Science Ambassador, Dragons Swimmer.

What does GIS offer to bring out the best in you?
GIS offers not only an exceptional, interactive classroom learning but also an extensive variety of sports, community service and extracurricular activities which students are able to participate in to broaden their horizons and this gives them the opportunity to mature into more well-rounded individuals.

Describe GIS in 3 words.
Motivating, competitive, supportive.

What do you aspire to be when you grow up and why?
I express a passion for the field of economics and would like to broaden my knowledge in understanding how people, firms, organisations and the government are interrelated and how each of their decisions affects one another as well as the economy and environment that they are in. Furthermore, economics intrigues me as it poses and answers pertinent questions about the society we live in today. I would like to work in investment banking as I would like to help bridge the gap between less economically developed countries and economically developed countries to increase active participation in both national and regional trade.

Tell us about your favourite activity/project at GIS.
This year, I joined the “Make A Wish” CCA; in this CCA a group of students help to plan and create a dream day for children facing a life-threatening disease. I really love watching the kids’ faces light up as they see their wish fulfilled. One particular occasion which touched me the most was when we invited Hafiq into school to a room bursting with his favourite thing ever: Lego. It was gratifying for our team to see how his face lit up with sheer joy as he was wheeled into the room. What’s more, he was able to share this special moment with all of his extended family to really make this an even more memorable day. It really brings things into perspective for me, how a small act of kindness can really make a huge difference to someone’s life.

What is the best part about studying at GIS?
The teachers, of course. The teachers at GIS commit one hundred and ten percent into our education, ensuring we acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed not only in our studies but also in everyday life. The teachers at GIS go above and beyond the normal call of duty to guarantee we flourish into wholesome people. Their constant motivation and belief in us have really made all the difference.

Share with us some of your proud achievements in life so far.
The proudest moment I would say was receiving the three awards which meant a lot to me at the recent Year 11 Graduation Ceremony – the Head of Year Award, GIS Sixth Form Scholarship and Best in Subject Award for Mandarin. It was truly humbling to be recognised.

In your opinion what is the greatest invention in the world and why?
To me, LifeStraw is one of the most amazing items ever invented. It is a straw that allows you to drink from any water source as it removes waterborne bacteria and protozoa. It is a great device in times of natural disasters and for people residing in developing countries who lack access to clean water. In struggling times, it increases people’s chances of survival. What’s more, LifeStraw has a beneficial programme to help those in need as for every LifeStraw sold, a child in a developing community receives clean water for an entire year.

Complete the sentence: I wish…
I wish that there would be love instead of hatred, freedom instead of restriction and harmony instead of conflict.

Life motto:
“Be fearless when it comes to life, and careless when it comes to what people say and think about you” – Lord Byron

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