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Garden International School Malaysia student spotlight Urja Shah
Urja Shah, Year 6 student – Garden International School Malaysia | Spotlight
May 14, 2018
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May 14, 2018
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Ringing Bells by Urja Shah | Garden International School Malaysia

Ringing Bells is a short story written by Urja Shah, Year 6 that was shortlisted by Garden International School for the Fobisia Short Story Competition 2018. Themed ‘Watch’, the competition was open to pupils of Years 3 to 6.


By Urja Shah, Year 6

Her restless broken breaths echoed across the room. Doctors hurried about ordering nurses, as parameter monitors rang their blows discreetly. ICU  was all on its toes, as room 304’s patient was slowly and gradually slipping into an unexpected coma. The intense atmosphere got heavier as she started slipping way into her dream world, losing consciousness. Fear was etched on every face in the room, but for one which remained blank. This face, though physically there, was virtually not in the hospital room, or on the street. It was lost in its own memories. It was Jake….

Euphoria overwhelmed Jake, as he hung the floral decoration on the doorways, enjoying the light melodies floating over the normally placid area. His sister’s wedding day was on the cards and he was full of gaiety, watching as anklets twinkled in the sunlight and… “Jake! Come here!” Father’s voice echoed, snapping him out of his thoughts Jake swiftly gathered himself, sprinting towards the dusky shortcut from garage to living room, and in the process crashing into somebody. “Oh!” He cried, turning to look at whom he had bumped into, “um ! Miss, I apologize,” Jake said, bending down to help the woman up, and as she flipped her hair off her face, he froze. An angel stood in front of him, with milk and honey skin, cerulean eyes containing an endless ocean raging inside of them, chestnut brown hair curling at the edges till her mid back. He froze as she stood up, in loss for words. However, soon he awakened out of his trance. “Oh, sorry. Miss…” he began, “Its Allison,” she snapped, a honey like voice flowing from her pretty mouth. “Yes, Allison, allow me,” as Jake knelt down, assisting in repairing the damage, his hand was  brushed against hers once again, not on purpose, and sparks of electricity rose on his skin. Allison had felt them as well. “I guess I have to go, or else father will jump in his pants in a fix.”

They kept meeting and then one afternoon, he came with a bouquet and ring, knelt on one knee, and began reciting. “Allison, the first time we met, I knew that we were destined to be together as it was love at first sight. Whatever our tomorrow may be, we should walk together, and make it a beautiful journey. For me, there is no today or tomorrow without you. Will you marry me?” Allison gasped and nodded, as tears filled her eyes.
Incandescent, flickering light bulbs shone, hanging down the colorful walls, like thin gauntlets, with families enjoying this joyous occasion, decorating the house, as it shone radiantly. Euphoria had once again engulfed the house as the wedding proceeded. Two years they passed together.

Fate is a fickle mistress; it can change sides any time. Allison was coming from the shopping mall, when Jake called her. Picking up the phone, she began crossing the street. Suddenly when there was a skid of tires, the screeching of a car, and Allison lied on the floor, blood oozing out of her temple.

“Beep. Beep. Beep.” The constant sound of the monitors brought Jake back to the present. The cherished memories of their lovely togetherness should stay for real for today, tomorrow, forever, and there would be no obstacle in their path, he thought and his palms joined together to pray the God, the merciful to bring his angel out of the deep slumber she was in.

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