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GIS Stories | Teachers Insights | Sara Sheldon

sara sheldon

Meet Sara Sheldon, works in the secondary English faculty but also leads the secondary library. Sara’s three words to describe Garden International School; Innovative, supportive and caring.

I’m Sara Sheldon. I’m here in secondary and I’m linked to the English faculty but I also lead the secondary library. I’ve been here just under a year so I came at the beginning of this academic year.

What are the main strengths of the school?
The main strenghts of the school well I think there are many and I think it’s really as a teacher and as a professional it’s a really really great place to work. For me the main reason is that I am learning every single day I’m learning from my students I am learning from my colleagues and I am learning from my interactions with parents and everyone that l come across. It really does embody that learning culture we’re all learners here.

Do you feel challenged and supported on a professional level?
Absolutely, I feel challenged every day I feel challenged by some of the really interesting questions by my students I feel challenged by my peers, I love going into the English office and having conversations about things that people are reading or and some of the literature we might be teaching and just sort of hearing from some other people’s perspectives. I think that challenging culture really permeates throughout the school.

Would you recommend Garden International School as a place to work?
Would I recommend GIS to work here absolutely it was recommended to me that’s the reason I came here. My friends were working here and the first people I met when I came to KL were working here
and I was working in another school and then my husband came to work here and so I saw all these people working here and I thought well I need to be there too. In fact I actually have a friend from my hometown he’s coming to work here next year on my recommendation. So absolutely!

What three words would you use to describe the school?
Innovative, supportive and then caring.

What does “We are GIS” mean to you?
We are GIS it really means being part of this learning community, lots people here are away from their homes, their places of birth and I think it’s about forging our own identity feeling a sense of belonging here and for many of us that is an international context. So it’s just I guess it’s our Malaysian home it’s about being somewhere where we feel we really belong where we are with people with shared values and they’re part of this learning culture and I love that.

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